Palm Springs: Tour the Windmills in a Dune Buggy


Each time I pass the iconic windmills on the drive to Palm Springs, my shoulders drop and the wrinkles on my forehead soften.  My mom says the windmills create a force field of relaxation.  It’s real!

On my latest trip to Palm Springs, I got closer to the windmills than Don Quixote would dare to imagine, thanks to Dune Buggy Dave.

It’s time to buggy.

The adventure began from Dune Buggy Tours and Rentals in Windy Point, CA.  We climbed into the dune limousine and buckled up for a bumpy ride.

The Limousine
Buckle up!
Shot Gun

On our way to the windmills, Dune Buggy Dave brought us to an intersection of the Pacific Crest Trail, which spans 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada.  Fewer than 100 backpackers complete the journey every year in approximately 5-7 months.  If you stand at this intersection long enough, you might run into one.

Windmills all around.

From the Pacific Crest Trail, we headed to the wind farm.  Do you know what sound a windmill makes?  Dune Buggy Dave explained that the props are filled with balls to help balance.  I’d compare it to the sound of a hundred baby aliens hatching from their eggs.  Or the sound made by the force field of relaxation massaging the shoulders of highway commuters nearby.



For the finale, Dune Buggy Dave took us to his secret lookout for a spectacular view of the wind farms.  The sky was dark with rare desert clouds, transforming the landscape with cool hues of blue.  The windmills stuck out of the earth like toothpicks, and each turn of the props seemed to slow down time.

Even if you don’t believe in magic, the windmills are something special.  Next time you’re in Palm Springs, spare a few hours away from the pool to take a tour with Dune Buggy Dave.  You won’t be disappointed.

The View from Dune Buggy Dave’s Secret Lookout
View of the Wind Farms

Dune Buggy Tours in Palm Springs

Special thanks to Dune Buggy Tours and Rentals and Visit Palm Springs for the exciting dune buggy adventure!

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