The Adventures of Photographer Cameron Gardner

While I reside in the city, my heart belongs to the outdoors. I crave to be away from the the traffic, the smog and the incessant noise, like the helicopters that hover above my apartment in the middle of the night, stirring up my curiosity.

Cameron Gardner’s work offers us an escape. From backpacking in the High Sierras to balancing on a rope hundreds of feet above the ground (also called “highlining”), he captures experiences that incite the adventurous spirit in all of us to seek what it longs for.

Cameron is an adventure lifestyle photographer and the founder of, an online shop for vintage outdoor clothing and accessories. Check out Cameron’s interview below, then head over to to find unique holiday gifts, like this Hot Tub Club Crewneck!

Tell us about yourself!

I’m an adventure lifestyle photographer from the Los Angeles area. I really enjoy documenting people as they interact with places, whether that be a brand new adventure for both of us, or revisiting a favorite spot.


When did you discover your passion for photography?

I grew up shooting disposable cameras but I really got more involved at the end of high school.

Was there a defining moment when you fell in love with the outdoors?

I think it was kind of a natural. Growing up I was always outside, wether that be playing sports, skateboarding or camping occasionally with my family. I’ve definitely gotten more involved with being outdoors more in the past 3 or 4 years.


What motivates you to document your experience in nature?

To create memories for myself, and to share them with the world in hopes of inspiring others to get out and experience it themselves.


Do you have any advice for adventurers wanting to pursue a career in photography?

For anyone that’s interested in such a career, figure out what you like to shoot and shoot it a ton. This will help you start to build up a nice portfolio.

What inspired you to create your online shop

At first it was all the awesome vintage jackets I saw occasionally. Once I thought of the idea of different products, that’s what really inspired me. Seeing all these awesome vintage outdoors shirts, mugs, etc. just sitting around. I thought they needed to be put back to good use, the graphics on all the older gear is so much cooler then anything that is being put out today in my opinion. Each item is unique, and has it’s own hidden story. The adventure continues on with the next person.


What is your favorite local hike?

That’s a tough one. There are so many hikes around here. I really enjoy Topanga Canyon area. The sunsets near the coastal mountains are insane. Anything in the San Gabriels, or the San Bernardinos are great too.


What is slacklining? How did you get into it?

Slacklining is a balance sport, lots of people confuse it with tight rope walking. It’s similar but instead of walking on a tight wire, we walk on a dynamic webbing. The webbing is 1 inch, and it moves up, down, left and right, it’s kinda like a 1 inch trampoline. I got into slacklining by simply seeing some other people at a park do it, I got curious and went and did some research. Bought my first set up and basically just taught myself at my local park.


What are your 3 essential pieces of gear on the trail?

Definitely some kind of daypack, or backpacking pack. A comfortable pair of lightweight trail runners, and I really do love down jackets!

Where to next?

Every trip is quite sporadic, will just have to wait and see!


For more inspiration, visit and follow Cameron’s adventures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Photos © 2014 Cameron Gardner

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