Gear Up For Your Next Shoestring Adventure With GetOutfitted

If you’ve ever given up on the idea of camping or backpacking because you didn’t have the right gear, allow me to introduce you to GetOutfitted, an online rental service that delivers premium camping gear directly to your doorstep.

Based in Colorado, GetOutfitted’s core mission is to remove barriers to getting people outside. As soon as I discovered their website, I immediately reached out to Mike Mueller, VP of Sales and Marketing, to find out more. Check out the interview below, then head over to GetOutfitted to plan your next adventure!

Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m Mike. I’m in charge of sales and marketing for GetOutfitted. I grew up in Chicago but have lived in Colorado for a long time. When it comes to the outdoors, I am a dabbler, so I like to try everything but never stick with something long enough to be an expert.

One interesting fact about me was that I was once mistaken for a LA Galaxy soccer player during a match in Shanghai, China. I had about 50+ people surrounding me asking me to autograph their LA Galaxy sweatshirt. The worst part is that I actually signed them, I feel bad for ruining those sweatshirts, but it was certainly the only time I will be asked for my autograph and I couldn’t pass it up.

Mike Mueller

What inspired Get Outfitted to expand their offerings from skiing to camping?

Our core mission is to remove barriers to getting people outside, so camping was a natural progression for us. All the gear required is intimidating and cost prohibitive. Up until about March, we thought we’d wait at least one more season before expanding into camping, but we got an amazing opportunity to partner with the legendary brand, Kelty, and we couldn’t pass it up. So far we have gotten incredible feedback on the service, and many of our customer have told us they are first timers, which is the most exciting part for us.

How does Get Outfitted help people experience the outdoors, besides offering easy access to high quality gear?

Beyond access to gear we have the opportunity to be a bridge for people that have little experience with outdoor activities. I think a lot of people are intimidated by nature and new activities. So we have a whole customer support team built around answering questions about the camping and backpacking in general. Like a “camping concierge” if you will…

What is your favorite place to camp?

I love camping by water. Rivers, lakes, hot springs, you name it. One of my favorite spots has been next to a river right outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming, not far from the Grand Tetons.

I know this is kind of cheating, but a houseboat trip on Lake Powell is probably the best vacation in America. It is camping (or glamping) on a boat, with swimming all day and horseshoes on the beach all night.

What advice do you have for camping newbies who want to get outdoors?

Go with someone that has done it before. You can watch a lot of YouTube videos and learn something, but your best experience is going to be learning from someone who has been before. The flip side is that make sure to pay it forward and bring along another newbie the next time.

I would also not forgo a sleeping pad. Your first night’s sleep is never great, so do whatever you can to give yourself a little extra comfort so you don’t give up on camping after one night of bad sleep.

The perfect s’more?

Easy. Just replace the chocolate with a Reese’s PB Cup.

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