Meet Shoestring Warrior Abbey

Meet Abbey, our first official intern at Shoestring Adventures! I’ve known Abbey since she was born, growing up a few blocks apart. Several months ago, she moved back to Los Angeles to study Recreation, Hospitality and Tourism at CSUN, and I immediately invited her to become my apprentice.

With her support, we have been able to secure coveted campsites, grow our community of Shoestring Warriors and plan even bigger adventures for 2016. Watch out world, the future has big plans for Abbey Ganz! But for now, we are grateful to have her on our team. Check out our interview with Abbey below, and follow her adventures on Instagram!

When did you first discover your love for the outdoors?

I have always loved being outside, but I started to discover hikes in Los Angeles about 3 years ago. I moved up to San Luis Obispo for school, surrounded by multiple hikes within a 5 miles radius, and found myself on top of a mountain at least 3 days a week. If I’m not outside at least once a day, I have some nature withdrawals.

How did you become interested in studying Recreation, Hospitality, and Tourism Management?

I used to be a nutrition major, but shortly realized that I did not want to be in an office telling people what they should and shouldn’t eat.

I love being around people, trying new things, being creative and spreading positivity. While attending Cuesta College, I discovered the Parks and Recreation major and fell in love with my first job for San Luis Obispo Parks and Recreation, which lead back to Los Angeles to attend the Recreation, Hospitality and Tourism Management Program at CSUN.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far as a Shoestring Adventures intern?

I’ve learned how much work, dedication and passion goes into this field. I always thought that it would be as simple as finding where you want to go and just planning it out. But there’s a lot more that goes into it, and it is a lot of work. Fortunately, all that hard work pays off by making people happy.

If you could guide a Shoestring Adventure anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would either guide a Shoestring Adventure in Ohau, Hawaii or Australia. Both seem to have unbelievable hikes, landscapes and scenery. Sharing it with others who share my passion for the outdoors would be amazing!

Do you have any advice for other students looking to get involved in the outdoor community?

There are so many ways to get involved. Every campus that offers a Parks and Recreation major has some sort of Outdoor Adventure program, offering a variety of trips. You can also join a Meetup group like Shoestring Adventures LA to connect with others who share similar passions.

The perfect s’more:

Graham cracker, dark chocolate, peanut butter, and marshmallow

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