Meet Shoestring Warrior and Registered Nurse Sara

Sara is a registered nurse, who can find adventure doing just about anything, from cooking a great meal to backpacking in Havasupai! What’s her secret?

Go with a friend or group who has a positive attitude about camping. It’ll turn an angry rainstorm into a crazy cool adventure.

Sara earned her Wilderness First Aid Certification with us at Sturtevant Camp, and we’re proud to welcome her to the community! Learn more about Sara in our interview below!

Shoestring Warrior: Sara


Laguna Hills, CA

Current Location:

Loma Linda, CA


Registered Nurse

What are your passions outside of work?

I like adventure in the kitchen, in a book, and of course, in the outdoors.

How would you describe your level of camping experience?

Intermediate – I go once or twice a year.

Shoestring Adventures Trip Completed:

Wilderness First Aid

Tell us about yourself!

I fell in love with the outdoor living experience on a high school backpacking trip to the Havasupai Indian Reservation. It was incredible! Since then I’ve been going on little trips here and there during nursing school and starting my career. Simultaneously, I love to travel, eat, sleep, and smell the air after the rain.

What do you love most about the outdoors?

It reminds me about God! Fresh air! The stars! Its so humbling and yet re-energizing all at once. And of course, the friends.

What is your favorite piece of gear on the trail?

Its so old and not even high end, but I love my day pack. Its small and has lots of pockets and elastic loops and slack, so it can carry quite a bit.

What advice do you have for other weekend warriors who want to learn how to camp or backpack?

Go with a friend or group who has a positive attitude about camping. It’ll turn an angry rainstorm into a crazy cool adventure.

Where are you planning your next camping trip?

Hmmm… I want to try beach camping.

What is your favorite Shoestring Adventures memory?

Rolling in the dirt with new friends! It was during the Wilderness First Aid course, and we were learning to position fallen victims. We were becoming one with the earth.

The perfect s’more?

I know, I know, what kind of adventurer am I if I don’t like s’mores? It’s the marshmallow. So I just like fire toasted grahams with melted Hershey’s on top 🙂

Photos © 2017 Rachel Breuklander and Shoestring Adventures

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