Interview With Coozie Gear Founders Rachelle Snyder and Ross Richmond

Thinking about organizing a camping trip but not sure where to start when it comes to getting the gear you need? For many people interested in the outdoors, accumulating the appropriate gear can be a challenge. Gear is expensive and it might not be financially possible to purchase everything you need. Gear also takes up space; storing a tent, stove, sleeping pad, lanterns and other camping gear may not be possible in a small home or apartment. Choosing the right gear can also be overwhelming. With so many different brands to choose from you might find it difficult to decide what to get! If you can relate to anything I’ve just said and live in the Los Angeles area (or are planning a camping trip in the LA area) then you’re in luck!

Coozie Gear can provide you with everything you need and even pick the gear up after the trip! No storage, no washing, and no hassle involved! We’re excited to feature Coozie Gear and founders Rachelle Snyder and Ross Richmond as our Shoestring Adventures Club Partner of the Month!

We started this company because we believe that the better way to own is to rent.

Check out our interview with Coozie Gear founders, Rachelle and Ross to learn more about how they’re transforming the outdoor industry into the shared economy and bringing gear right to your door! Members get 10% off their next rental with Coozie!

Tell us about yourselves!

We live in Atwater Village on the eastside of Los Angeles. Ross grew up in New England while Rachelle hails from the Midwest but living in Los Angeles takes the cake for both of us. We love exploring as many parts of the world as possible. We’ve found that camping has always been a way for us to easily enjoy the outdoors and travel more with friends. We love finding new areas to visit in California and even occasionally find ourselves camping in Arizona and Utah.

Photo © 2018 Rachelle Snyder, Coozie Gear

What is Coozie Gear?

Coozie Gear is an on-demand camping gear rental company based in Los Angeles. We are transforming the outdoor industry into the shared economy by proving that you don’t need to buy gear to get outdoors. We are changing the way people think about and experience rental gear. Coozie Gear rents car-camping gear that is in excellent condition and delivers that gear to your home, hotel, or Airbnb. After you return from camping, we pick up your gear to make camping as easy as possible. Coozie Gear offers individual gear rentals such as tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, and camping stoves. We also offer complete camping sets that include everything you need for your camping trip. We operate completely online and take all orders via our website at After you place your order, a Coozie Gear team member will contact you to schedule your free delivery and pick up. Coozie Gear is building a more sustainable outdoor industry by providing access to gear in a way that is less wasteful, more convenient and with the same high standards that come with ownership.

Photo © 2018 David Wahlman

How did you become founders of Coozie Gear?

We started this company because we believe that the better way to own is to rent. We live in a 600 square foot bungalow and when we moved to Los Angeles we had to downsize. We love the outdoors and enjoy going camping but our worn gear didn’t make it through the move. We searched for quality rental places in the LA area but couldn’t find an option that fit our needs or our standards. We wanted an option that was easy to reserve, offered quality gear, and on-demand. When we realized this option didn’t exist, we decided to take it upon ourselves to start Coozie Gear.

How is Coozie Gear different from other gear rental companies?

Coozie Gear is different in four ways:

  1. We offer on-demand gear rentals. Place your order at to rent your gear hassle free.
    Our gear is in excellent condition.
  2. We partner with quality brands, hand wash all gear after each use, and dry clean all sleeping bags.
  3. We offer free delivery and pick up in Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank, and Pasadena. Flying into LAX? No problem. We’ll work with you to determine a convenient location to deliver and pick up your gear.
  4. We are always here to help. We work with novice and expert campers alike to help you decide what gear you need, share camping tips, and accommodate delivery and pick up schedules.
Photo © David Wahlman

What do you enjoy most about the work you do at Coozie Gear?

We love talking with customers and helping people plan their trip. We encourage you to reach out and ask any and all questions you may have.

It’s the most rewarding when we hear about how much fun people had on their camping trip using Coozie Gear gear.

Photo © 2018 David Wahlman

What are three pieces of gear you never go camping without?

Great question! First, we love our sleeping mats. These mats are 3 inches thick and incredibly comfortable. They honestly make you forget you are sleeping on a camping mat. Secondly, we’d never leave the house without our camping french press to make coffee in the morning. And lastly, we always pack the hammock to hang between two trees for afternoon naps.

Photo © 2018 David Wahlman

When did you discover your love for the outdoors?

We are urbanites through and through but we have always loved the outdoors. Rachelle’s family were big campers and spent 3 weeks each summer camping on the shores of Lake Michigan. Ross grew up spending summers in the forests of New Hampshire where he would hike, kayak, and swim.

Do you have any advice for camping newbies?

We encourage people to realize that you don’t have to own gear to get outdoors or be a camping expert. We know that some people may find camping to be intimidating. This is especially true when you walk into big retail stores and get the feeling that you have to buy expensive gear or know what you’re talking about to the sales associate.

We truly believe that the focus of your camping trip should be camping, not the gear.

You can rent everything you need with Coozie Gear and focus your time on finding that perfect hike or making that perfect s’more.

Photo © 2018 David Wahlman

The perfect s’more? (If you don’t like s’mores, what’s your favorite campfire dessert?)

Speaking of s’mores… who doesn’t love a good s’more? Get that marshmallow light brown over the fire and a little gooey inside. Then let it sit on the chocolate for just a minute to allow it to melt into the graham cracker. Enjoy and repeat!

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