Big Sur: A Picture Perfect Wildland

Photo by Triptographer Shani Leead

Shoestring Adventures spent Memorial Day weekend camping in picture perfect Big Sur! Located along the Central Coast of California between Carmel and San Simeon, Big Sur is home to some incredible ocean views, wildlife, and endlessly lush green mountains.

On Day 1, we arrived at Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground. After setting up our campsite, we walked over to the river that runs through the campground. We got our feet wet in the crystal clear and (very) cold waters😁. A couple hours into the trip and our first group shot looks like we’ve been lifelong friends!

Our next stop was a 2 mile hike on the Valley View Overlook Trail. We were already getting a sense of just how lush this place was. It was the perfect weather for a pretty steep incline of a hike!

For dinner we made a delicious gluten free bean pasta with a yummy kale red sauce. Mmm makes my mouth water just thinking back to it…

Our trip leader, Canyon, taught us how to build a campfire. That man is not afraid of getting up close and personal with a campfire. He means business.

On Day 2 we woke up early and headed to Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. We hiked around for about 5.5 miles, taking in the redwood groves, remote beaches, bluff views, and wildlife. From a private beach where the seals and their pups were hanging out, to a flock of birds that formed perfect circles on a cliff, we couldn’t get enough!

Big Sur is home to McWay Waterfall. It’s simply stunning, and, honestly, hard to believe that it wasn’t staged or man made. I mean a waterfall right on the beach? What? In order to keep it in it’s pristine condition, the beach itself is not open to the public. But, boy is it a vision from the bluffs above!

We ended Day 2 at Partington Cove. We all couldn’t help imagining pirate ships that came and docked in this beautiful and hidden cove. What is it about pirates that we love so much?? yo ho yo ho, a pirate’s life for me!

On Day 3, we made a delicious breakfast of french toast and bacon! Then we packed up camp and headed to Andrew Molera State Park. We walked along the Creamery Meadow Trail, which consists of a small river crossing, all the way to a beautiful beach. Previous beach goers used the driftwood that washed up to build little huts and faux campfires.

We ate our sandwich lunches and snacks and dipped our toes in the ocean one last time before heading home!

Special thanks to Triptographer Shani Leead and the Shoestring Warriors of Big Sur May 2018: Yosefa, Jen, Lorna, Lyanne, Sally, Jason, Andrea, Yvonne, and Emily!

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