Gear Review: Sherpa Adventure Gear’s Yatra Adventure Pack

Shoestring Adventures is excited to feature Sherpa Adventure Gear as our Partner-of-the-Month. Sherpa Adventure Gear was founded by Tashi Sherpa, a native of Nepal, with the aim to provide social and economic support for the people of Nepal. Through intentional partnerships, employment of women, the use of eco-friendly and sustainable products, and a commitment to education, Sherpa Adventure Gear aims to change the world.

Our footprint may be small, but the Sherpa heart is big. We believe that our modest brand can lift people up, train and educate the next generation, even help reverse the ravages of poor governance and a changing environment.

The Yatra Adventure Pack is the perfect backpack for a weekend getaway or a day at the office. Its sleek build and Himalayan inspired design makes it one-of-a-kind. Check out my review of the Yatra Adventure Pack below!

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Yatra Adventure Pack

Disclosure: The following item was donated for the purposes of the review

Features: Roll top closure (allows you to expand the bag), padded and fleece-lined laptop sleeve with side zipper for easy access, Himalayan inspired print inside, two large external pockets with a snap, two water bottle side pockets, and two small interior pockets with a key hook

Available Colors: Thaali (pictured), black

Fabric Technology/Materials: Made of CORDURA®, 100% polyester with a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish, and ventilation AirMesh on inside of shoulder straps and pack

Weight: 720 g. (25.40 oz.)


The Mission and Philosophy

The Sherpa Adventure Gear website is much more than an online shop. There are just as many pages describing the company’s mission and philosophy as there are pages of gear to purchase. The company is devoted to human rights (e.g. no child labor), is environmentally conscious (they use sustainable and eco-friendly products), supports Nepal (for every item sold, a donation is made to provide scholarships to children in a Himalayan village), and is intentional in its partnerships (their partners are manufacturers in Asia that are leaders in the field in quality, social welfare, and environmental standards). In a world overrun by consumerism, it’s refreshing to read about a company that is working to make a positive impact in the world.

The Himalayan Touch

Although I haven’t been to Nepal, I have traveled to Bhutan, a neighboring country of Nepal. Like Nepal, Bhutan is a Buddhist country and prayer flags are scattered throughout the countryside. The white, red, green, yellow, and blue squares embroidered on the front of the pack represent the prayer flags which are meant to promote compassion, wisdom, and peace. Each time I glance at the flags on the pack, a smile spreads across my face. Other Himalayan touches are sprinkled throughout the pack such as the Sherpa logo, and the Himalayan inspired print inside with the snow lion and the Endless Knot symbol. The meaning of everything is nicely displayed on a patch inside the bag. The Endless Knot represents, “the unity of thoughts and action, words and deeds, wisdom and compassion” and the snow lion is a symbol of fearlessness, joy, power and strength. Last, but not least, the word “yatra” is the Nepalese word for “journey”. I love the intention and meaning behind the design!

Ideal Size

Although there’s no indication of the size of the bag in liters, I found it to be the perfect size for a weekend (or even a long weekend) trip. I comfortably fit my laptop, a pair of shoes, a few outfits, a sweater, and a cosmetic bag and still had room to spare. The side zipper made going through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) with a laptop easy! The roll top closure was nice too since it allowed me to accumulate a few things on my trip.


Unisex Frame

While I love the capacity of the bag and its ability to fit items for a weekend getaway, I found the frame of the pack a little too big for my body. As a 5’4’’ female with a petite build, the straps feel like they’re not quite sitting in the correct place. I get the sense that it is made for someone with broader shoulders but the bag doesn’t come in sizes and is meant to be one size fits all. The back of the bag is padded nicely so the straps are the only uncomfortable part.

Dark Interior

The Himalayan inspired print on the inside of the pack is beautiful but the gray makes it difficult to find things inside the pack. Thankfully, it’s not black so it’s not quite like you’re putting items in and they’re disappearing into a black hole, but it’s not exactly easy to find things. My solution was to pack my clothing in packing cubes. The cubes made it much easier to organize and see what was inside.


The Yatra Adventure Pack is a terrific companion for an adventure! It is beautifully designed and the symbolism and cultural touches make me love the pack even more. The philosophy behind Sherpa Adventure Gear is fantastic and I urge you to take time to explore their website and learn more!

Photos © 2018 Shani Leead

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