Meet Shoestring Warrior Daniel

Meet the Shoestring Warriors, the adventurers who make up our community!

Shoestring Warrior: Daniel

Current Location:

Granada Hills, CA


Litigation Paralegal

What are your passions outside of work?

In addition to exploring the outdoors, I enjoy learning history and traveling the world to ancient places. I also do horseback riding whenever I get the chance.

How would you describe your level of camping experience?

Beginner – I went camping for the first time with Shoestring Adventures!

Tell us about your Shoestring Adventures!

I found Shoestring Adventures through the weekly night hikes on Meetup and had the pleasure of meeting Alyx, an awesome outdoors guide and camp host. I’ve been on two Shoestring Adventures camping trips so far, Sequoia and Montana de Oro, and I had a great time on both of them! I especially enjoyed the Sequoia trip because I love being among green trees and swimming in (freezing cold) rivers in the Sierra Nevadas. I cannot wait to go another one!


What advice do you have for first-time campers who want to get outdoors?

1) When first starting out, you can shop at Big 5 for equipment and apparel which will typically be much cheaper than other stores. You can even rent equipment too before buying.

2) Speaking of renting, you may want to first rent a sleeping bag before buying it. That’s because not all sleeping bags are equal, especially in terms of warmth. Do not trust the temperature rating on your bag! That $30 sleeping bag that claims a temperature rating of 30 degrees will most certainly not keep you warm on a winter night in Joshua Tree! Make sure your sleeping bag will be sufficient given the location and time of the year you will be camping. Read the reviews of the bag in question to see if it will really keep you warm. That’s why I recommend renting a bag before buying one and definitely an item you do not want to skimp on.

3) Bring plenty of towelettes with you. After a grueling hike and all that sweat dries up on you, you will feel icky and yucky, but nothing feels better than wiping your face with a cool, wet towelette and feeling that clean, refreshed feeling on your face.

4) Just go to any outdoor group you may find on Meetup or elsewhere. If you like the people in the group, then stick with them. Shoestring Adventures is definitely one of those groups filled with great people that I enjoy going on trips with!

The perfect s’more?

I am typically too lazy to make a s’more, but when I do, lots of chocolate and marshmallows between the graham crackers!


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