Meet Shoestring Warrior and Documentary Filmmaker Danny

Four years ago, documentary filmmaker Danny discovered his passion for videography while helping his sister on a cooking show pilot. With no film school training at all, he bought a camera and began to shoot, steadily building his career as a filmmaker while working full-time.

Over 6-feet-tall, Danny is larger than life with a lighthearted sense of humor that instantly brightens any room. His talent for making those around him feel at home wherever they are makes him a natural storyteller of people. In this manner, he encourages aspiring filmmakers to lead with their hearts:

Who cares if the camera shakes or if the framing isn’t right — if your heart is in it, so is the viewer.

Danny joined us in 2015 to document Shoestring Adventures in Kings Canyon and Sequoia and filmed our official promo video. We are honored to finally introduce our friend to the community. Learn more about Danny in our interview below, including his advice for documenting your own adventures!

Shoestring Warrior: Danny


Chatsworth, CA

Current Location:

Encino, CA


Manager, 20th Century Fox

What are your passions outside of work?

Filming documentaries, improv comedy, and going to concerts

How would you describe your level of camping experience?

A baby turtle.  Slow and afraid.

Past Shoestring Adventures

Kings Canyon 2015 and Sequoia 2015

Tell us about yourself!

I’m a jolly giant with a penchant for making people laugh.

When did you discover your passion for videography?

Four years ago when I was helping my sister with a cooking show pilot. After a few years of experience and tax returns, I have a decent camera package, and I’m ready to make this my profession full time all the time.  

What inspired you to start documenting your travel experiences?

My sister and of course my favorite Shoestring Warrior, Alyx Schwarz.

How do you balance your passion for videography with a full-time job?

It’s hard finding balance… I believe that it takes time to become talented at any craft, so you’re going to need to get used to coffee and lack of sleep. Or… just learn to love what you create and not judge it too much.

Do you have any advice for Shoestring Warriors who want to start video documenting their adventures?

Like Nike, just do it. I never went to film school, but all I did was buy a camera.  Use your camera.  Bring it everywhere. And more important than anything in the game, learn how to edit. Editing is everything. Look for the story, cut on action, and keep things in focus. Who cares if the camera shakes or if the framing isn’t right — if your heart is in it, so is the viewer.  

What is your favorite piece of camera gear when traveling?

My new Sony a7sii!

You have a time machine, and you can travel anywhere in the world to shoot the documentary of a lifetime.When and where will it be?

I would document the civil war. I think it’d be incredible to see everything from the perspective of good ol’ Abe. It’d be chilling to meet someone who had to fight against a family member and see how they felt about it as well.  

Now that you have been on two Shoestring Adventures as our official triptographer, can you tell us your favorite memory?

My favorite memory is hanging out with the entire group underneath the stars in Kings Canyon. We had a beer and enjoyed the beauty of nature. It truly was perfect.  

Where to next?

Ethiopia, then Spain

The perfect s’more?

Burnt to a crisp and gooey on your lips.

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