Meet Shoestring Warrior & Startup Operations Director Alix

Born and raised in Missoula, Montana, Shoestring Warrior Alix spent her childhood developing a strong love for the outdoors. Before relocating to her current home of San Diego, she spent two years exploring the tropics of Panama. In addition to her career helping startup businesses achieve their potential, Alix fills her “soul with the outdoors, traveling, culture and connecting with others.” She joined us at Sturtevant Camp to earn her Wilderness First Aid Certification, and we’re excited to welcome her to the community!

Check out our interview with Alix below to learn more, including her advice for outdoor newbies!

Shoestring Warrior: Alix


Missoula, Montana

Current Location:

Encinitas, CA


Startup Operations Director

What are your passions outside of work?

Travel, hiking, camping, design, furniture building, soulful connections

How would you describe your level of camping experience?

Advanced – I go every chance I can get!

Shoestring Adventures Trip Completed:

Wilderness First Aid

Tell us about yourself!

I’m a passionate adventurer of the outdoors and a world traveling enthusiast. I was raised in Montana/Idaho and spent my childhood outdoors; camping, fishing and hiking—instilling my love for the outdoors at a young age. My passions lead me to living in the tropics of Panama for two years, where I was lucky to spend weekends adventuring off-the-grid, in the jungle. I currently live in San Diego and fill my soul with the outdoors, traveling, culture and connecting with others.

What do you love most about the outdoors?

Unplugging. Beauty. Serenity. Inner peace. Connection with nature. Quality time with like-minded adventurers.

What is your favorite piece of gear on the trail?

Eno camping hammock.

What advice do you have for other weekend warriors who want to learn how to camp or backpack?

Just get out there and get comfortable in nature. Go with friends who have experience and learn from them. You’ll pick up the tricks of the trade in no time!

Where are you planning your next camping trip?

Idyllwild, CA

What is your favorite Shoestring Adventures memory?

The connections with like-minded adventurers and learning how to save lives in the wilderness!

The perfect s’more?

No burnt marshmallows. Lightly toasted.

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Photos © 2017 Alix Tingle

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