Meet Shoestring Warrior & Insurance Executive Christie

If Shoestring Adventures had a bestie, it would be Shoestring Ambassador Ari. Before you get jealous, you just need to meet him. He’s been on nearly every weekend trip and always comes prepared for the rest of us. But this interview is not about Ari — it’s about the woman who made his friendship possible.

In March, we had the honor of hosting Ari’s mom, Christie, on a camping trip in Joshua Tree National Park!

Christie is a busy insurance executive, who loves spending time in nature. She admits being a little nervous about her first Shoestring Adventure, but jumped right in and had the time of her life!

Having the opportunity to share something Ari loves with him was a fantastic experience.

Learn more about Christie in our interview below, including her advice on getting outdoors at any age, and follow her adventures on Instagram!

Shoestring Warrior: Christie


Culver City, CA

Current Location:

Ojai, CA


Insurance Executive

What are your passions outside of work?

I enjoy growing my own food, cooking and reading.

How would you describe your level of camping experience?


Shoestring Adventures Trip Completed:

Joshua Tree Camping 

Tell us about yourself!

I am a busy insurance executive who is always looking for ways to rest & reconnect with nature. The sound of birds in the wild never ceases to amaze me.

Now that you have been on Shoestring Adventures in Joshua Tree with your son Ari, what was your favorite memory from your trip?

My favorite part of the Joshua Tree trip was sharing it with my son, Ari. Having the opportunity to share something he loves with him was a fantastic experience.

What piece of gear did you find to be the most helpful?

I loved the little headlamp Ari lent me for getting around at night. It sure made it easier to get to the pit toilets in the middle of the night!

What advice do you have for Shoestring Warriors in your age group who are interested in learning to camp?

I think that everyone, regardless of their age, should get out and try a Shoestring Adventure. I was a little nervous at first, but I jumped right in and I had the time of my life. Being in nature is something everyone should experience.

What are your favorite places to get outside in your new home of Ojai?

I love hitting the hiking trails in Ojai. We have so many, you could do a different trail every day of the month and probably not repeat them. The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy is an amazing organization that keeps the trails well groomed. Thanks to them, the hiking experience in Ojai is second to none.

We hear you like to cook! Any favorite camp recipes or ideas you’d like to try?

I do love to cook. We made amazing camp fire pizza in Joshua Tree. We made a tent out of tin foil which acted as an oven. It was awesome. I think it would be interesting to try and bake bread on a camp fire. That would be a challenge!

What is your greatest personal accomplishment?

My greatest personal accomplishment is my son, Ari. I couldn’t have hoped for a finer young man. He means everything to me.

Words to live by?

“Do what you say your are going to do!” My word is my bond and I try to live by those words every day.

Where to next?

Ari is working on getting me to go to the backpacking trip in Yosemite. The idea of being without at least a pit toilet (amazing how you come to love them when that is all you have!) is daunting, but I think it’s worth the leap!

The perfect s’more?

The perfect s’more is one with a super toasty marshmallow that you didn’t catch on fire! I am still perfecting that, but I get it right every once in a while. : )


Photos © 2017 Justin Fricke

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