Gear Review: Third Eye Headlamps – TE14 Headlamp

Shoestring Adventures is excited to feature Third Eye Headlamps as our Partner-of-the-Month. Third Eye Headlamps produces stylish and functional headlamps/flashlights while featuring the latest in lighting technology. The designer and founder, Sean Anderson, is an outdoor lover with a desire to make outdoor gear more unique and stylish.

Technically advanced gear doesn’t have to look ‘technical’, it can be beautiful too.

With fun styles like “cactus”, “tie dye”, “floral”, and “peaks” (to name a few), adventuring in the dark has never looked so good! I tested the TE14 Headlamp, check out my review below!

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TE14 Headlamp – Mexican Blanket

Disclosure: The following item was donated for the purposes of the review

Features: Head strap with adjustment, two button operation, CREE XP-E LED bulb with white and red mode and six light settings, 168 lumens, waterproof rating of IPX 6 (on a scale of 0 to 8, 6 = can withstand powerful jets), non-slip adjustable strap, adjustable angle tilt lens

Materials: 100% recycled, non-toxic, BPA free plastic and ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) approved

Available Headlamp Colors: White, Black

Weight (w/o batteries): 1.76oz. (50g)



I love the print on the strap. The strap is stretchy and similar to every other standard headlamp but it is far more stylish! If you already have a headlamp you love, you can purchase a “Totally Awesome Headband” that fits most major brands and switch out your boring strap for a cool one.


The light is really powerful! With high, medium, and low settings you can choose how bright you want the white light to be. FYI, the high setting is bright…you probably won’t want to turn on the bright light while sitting around a campfire, trust me! There’s also a strobe setting which is bright and fun for impromptu dance parties and practical for letting others know where you are. I haven’t used the strobe yet but I like the idea of it! The red light feature is perfect for the tent or other situations in which you need to see something but don’t want to disturb others.

Lifetime Warranty

Gotta love gear that has a lifetime warranty! The folks at Third Eye Headlamp believe in their product and want their customers to as well. They’re pretty confident the headlamp can withstand extreme adventures but if it malfunctions, they’ll replace it or refund the purchase. They do require you to register your headlamp on their website.


Button Control

I love the different light modes but I found it difficult to control them. My previous headlamp had a single button on the top so I initially kept pressing the top of the headlamp which didn’t do anything since the buttons are on the left and right of the top. With six different modes spread across two buttons, it takes some memorizing to land on the right mode.


I believe that the Third Eye Headlamps TE14 Third Eye Headlamp is the perfect accessory for anything involving darkness! Whether you’re mountain biking at dusk, walking at night, caught in a rainstorm on the way back to camp, or sitting in your tent reading, the headlamp will light your way. I’m looking forward to using it on an upcoming early morning trail run!

Photos © 2018 Shani Leead

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