Gear Review: Nomadix Full Size Towel

Shoestring Adventures is excited to feature Nomadix as our Partner-of-the-Month. Nomadix cares about the planet and is devoted to sustainable solutions that do more good than harm. In an industry that thrives on producing gear for all kinds of activities, Nomadix has decided that less is more so they produce long-lasting, environmentally friendly towels with multifunctional use.

“Own less. Do more”.

The Nomadix Full Size Towel was manufactured to be a high quality yoga towel, beach towel, travel towel, and camp towel all at once! This multi-use towel comes in many colors and designs and is sure to catch anyone’s eye. I tested the Full Size Towel, check out my review below!

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Full Size Towel

Disclosure: The following item was donated for the purposes of the review

Features: Super absorbent, quick drying, slip resistant, lightweight, antimicrobrial, sand resistant, and durable

Materials: Poly-nylon blend made of 100% recycled materials

Available Designs: From nature-inspired designs, to Pendleton-inspired designs like the PNW-High Alpine, to stripes and everything in between, there is a large array of colors and prints to choose from

Size: 30″x72.5″, packs down small 3.5″x7″


Beautiful Design

The PNW-High Alpine design is gorgeous and is definitely the most beautifully designed towel I’ve ever owned! The fact that it’s double sided with a different color-scheme on the other side makes it even better. It’s like having two gorgeous multi-use towels. I love the design but I must admit that it took me a while to decide on a design since there are so many to choose from. Good luck choosing your favorite!

Sand Resistant

What a brilliant idea to design a beach towel that is sand resistant! How is this the first beach towel I’ve ever owned that has this feature? With a few shakes, the sand falls off and you can leave the sand at the beach instead of take it home with you. How awesome would it be if our feet worked the same way?


As a minimalist myself, I appreciate Nomadix’s dedication to creating a minimalist product. The folks at Nomadix truly thought of all of the best features of a quick dry and compact towel, then created a beautiful product that can be used at the beach, at the gym, on-the-go, or on a yoga mat.


If you’ve never owned a travel towel, you have no idea what you’re missing! I love being able to pack a towel in my backpack without it taking up half my bag. The towel rolls up nicely and easily fits into a small corner of a suitcase or bag.


Shape + Size

The towel is compact but it’s longer and narrower than a standard towel. It’s the perfect size to lay on but I found it was an odd size to wrap around my body. I suppose the size was determined based on the standard size of a yoga mat. Great for yoga, not so great if you want a towel to cover a large surface area on your body.


The Nomadix Full Size Towel is the most stylish multi-use quick dry towel out there! The hardest part is choosing a design! You might be tempted to purchase more than one but don’t forget, “Own less. Do more.”

Photos © 2018 Shani Leead

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