Join the Cooking Club at Downtown Women’s Center

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I invented at least three new dance moves during the writing of this blog post.  OK, so maybe I didn’t actually invent the “Stanky Leg,” but these moves look pretty sweet when I do them in front of the mirror and no one is looking.  But before I reveal too much, let me tell you how I ended up at this dance party for one.

I had to crop my hairnet out of this photo.

A few weeks ago, I joined The Cooking Club at the Downtown Women’s Center.  You don’t need a secret password to join this club.  You don’t need to be a gourmet chef either.  All you need is the desire to do some good in the kitchen.

We prepared a delicious lunch of shepherds pie and green salad tossed with beets and raspberry vinaigrette.  For dessert, we served fresh berries and cream.

My fellow chef with a large whisk.

I volunteered for salad duty and put on a hairnet and an apron.  Halfway through chopping my first head of lettuce, the room filled with a familiar song and the words slid out of my mouth.  “No dig-gi-ty.  No doubt.”  One of the ladies had set up a DJ machine on a lunch table and opened with No Diggity by Blackstreet.

The dance-off began before I made it to my second head of lettuce.  Women all around the room put down their books and playing cards to join in.  Everyone was clapping and showing off their best dance move.  I found myself swaying from side-to-side with a head of lettuce in each hand and a big smile across my face.

I can only imagine what challenges these ladies have to face on a daily basis.  I’ve never had to worry about finding my next meal or a safe place to sleep.  I feel pretty blessed.  But everyone’s got real-life problems, and music has the power to bring us into the present moment so we can let go, even if it’s just for a few seconds.  No doubt.

So the next time you’re feeling down, do me a favor and turn up your favorite song.  See if you can invent a few new dance moves of your own.  No one is looking.  I promise you’ll feel better.  Play on playette.

Here’s a little musical treat for you in case you can’t remember your favorite song:

Get Directions

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