15 Ways To Eat A S’more

Photo by Triptographer Ryan Tuttle

Happy National S’mores Day! The s’more became official in 1927 when the recipe for “Some More” was first published in Tramping and Trailing With the Girl ScoutsFor our weekly Warrior Crush Profiles, our favorite open-ended question is always the same:

The perfect s’more?

This roundup has been 3 years in the making. Whether you prefer the classic style or a unique twist, we can all agree that it’s not in the s’more, but in the making ― nothing beats sitting around the campfire after a long day of adventures with your friends, old or new. This makes us feel like an ooey gooey marshmallow inside. Here his some inspiration from our Shoestring Warriors for your next campfire gathering.

15 Ways To Eat A S’more

Josh of California Through My Lens says the best smore is with graham cracker, marshmallow (not burnt but gently goldened) and a Reese’s, because the peanut butter is next level.

Kam of Campfire Chic adds a slight twist by making hers with honey graham cracker, peanut butter cup and vegan marshmallows.

Shoestring Warrior Ellice has got her eyes on the prize with dark chocolate peanut butter cups!

Gale of She Explores prefers dark chocolate and natural peanut butter.

Shoestring Warrior Abbey and Trip Leader Graham also love to put some peanut buttery goodness onto their campfire delight.

Lindsay of Casa Joshua Tree steps it up a notch by having two extra burnt marshmallows, easy on the chocolate, between gluten free shortbread cookies!

Hipcamp co-founder Eric Bach took a course on homemade s’mores at 18 Reasons, and it blew his mind ― homemade marshmallows, graham cracker cookies, and ganache. He usually keeps it pretty simple, but if you want to get cray, check this out.

Photographer Justin Sullivan heats things up with a perfectly golden brown marshmallow with a spicy dark chocolate and sea salt candy bar, but he rarely eats more than one or two. Eunique Deeann of Stranded On Land also enjoys sea salt dark chocolate on hers!

Trip leader Canyon‘s only way to go is bronze on the outside, white on the inside, and more chocolate crunch bar than graham cracker. The crunch is what does it…

Shoestring Ambassador Ari isn’t a huge fan of s’mores but he won’t say no to some chocolate paired with a cold beer. Shoestring Warrior Michael seconds that.

Shoestring Warrior Ashlea isn’t the biggest fan of chocolate, so her campfire treat is a burnt marshmallow in a graham cracker sandwich.

Shoestring Warrior David gets a little spicy and makes his with a slightly burnt marshmallow, a lot of chocolate and cinnamon graham crackers!

For Shoestring Warrior Christie, “The perfect s’more is one with a super toasty marshmallow that you didn’t catch on fire! I am still perfecting that, but I get it right every once in a while.”

If you want to try something completely different, check out these recipes for campfire banana boats and trip leader Canyon’s signature S’machos!

So what is your perfect s’more? Burnt marshmallow? Peanut butter cup? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. says: Carl Nelson

    My favorite easy s’mores variation is to toast the marshmallow golden brown, then place it between two Samoa cookies (there are some copycat alternatives for my compatriots who consider the Samoas box to be single-serving size; so don’t fret in the event that the box purchased from the Girl Scouts in February doesn’t survive to camping season).

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