Best of 2017

Before we begin a new year, we would like to take a moment to reflect on our favorite memories and accomplishments of 2017.

Our trip leaders Heather, Canyon and Graham led 9 Shoestring Adventures, including 7 backpacking and 2 car camping trips. We welcomed 34 new Shoestring Warriors for a total of 129 alumni. Together, we explored 5 national parks and watched 20 sunsets.

We grew our family to include blog editor Yosefa, social media manager Shani and strategic advisor Cyndee. With the support of our community engagement coordinator Abbey, we gained 3 Ambassadors to lead our free community Meetups in Los Angeles and San Diego: Ari, Laurie and Nate

We invited 8 talented Triptographers to document our adventures: Ryan Tuttle, Mike Struna, Shani Leead, Justin Fricke, Amanda Proudfit, Kyle MiyamotoClare Healy and Lucy Lang

Last but not least, we had the honor of partnering with First Descents, an organization that offers life-changing outdoor adventures to young adults affected by cancer.

Thank you all for joining us on this journey. Here’s to more adventures and new friendships in 2018!

Best of 2017

Photo by Triptographer Shani Leead

Joshua Tree Backpacking Adventure

Shoestring Warriors: Sam, Ari, John, Curtis and Allison with Trip Leaders Graham and Alyx and Triptographer Shani

Photo by Triptographer Justin Fricke

Joshua Tree Camping Adventure

Shoestring Warriors Ana, Valerie, Diane, Ari and Christie with Trip Leader Canyon and Triptographer Justin

Photo by Triptographer Kyle Miyamoto

Santa Cruz Island Scorpion Anchorage Backpacking Adventure

Shoestring Warriors Cyndee, John, Derek, Stan and Tyson with Trip Leader Heather and Triptographer Kyle

Photo by Triptographer Clare Healy

Palisades Glacier Backpacking Adventure

Shoestring Warriors Cyndee, John, Ashlea, Stacy and Ari with Trip Leader Heather and Triptographer Clare

Photo by Triptographer Amanda Proudfit

Yosemite Ten Lakes Backpacking Adventure

Shoestring Warriors Nate, Becky, Stephanie, Matt and Abbey with Trip Leader Graham and Triptographer Amanda

Photo by Mike Struna

Sequoia First Descents Backpacking Adventure

Shoestring Warriors Treehugger, Snapjacks, Mrs. Kemp, Ziploc, Evo, Oye, Co-Pilot, Tsunami and 1-up with Trip Leaders Fruit Boots and Shoestring and Triptographer Duct Tape

Photo by Triptographer Lucy Lang

Santa Cruz Island Prisoners Harbor Backpacking Adventure

Shoestring Warriors Ari and Christie with Trip Leader Canyon and Triptographer Lucy

Photo by Ryan Tuttle

Sequoia Camping Adventure

Shoestring Warriors Natalia, Tabitha, Latarsha, Leon, Heather, Garrett and Erin with Trip Leader Alyx and Triptographer Ryan

Photo by Mike Struna

Yosemite Half Dome Backpacking Adventure

Shoestring Warriors Heather, Tracey, Lana, Chrissi and Adam with Trip Leader Graham and Triptographer Mike

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